So... this is my last post I will make on this site. I will be continuing to post plenty of content on my fresh new server here. There is just one feed to follow and it's at

So, why am I stopping and what is this new server? Well, it has been a bit of a burden to update the site. I have to build everything out locally, add posts and setup locally, including manually saving content in certain files, and then I have to send the contents over to the Linux server (I had Windows at one point which made it even worse, and I had to end up using an Ubuntu VM as a middleman), and then rebuild the site on the remote machine and then I can launch it on the remote server. That is just way too much work and it has discouraged me from posting anything on here, and when I do I post in batches.

This site was originally made as a response to Tumblr adding worse and worse guidelines and how its site operates, and this was my first personal major web project, and I had to learn a lot while making it. I made several large mistakes, some due to being unaware of the consequences, some by design of the framework I was using, and some due to my lack of programming skill. The biggest offence by far was subscribing in the belief that I needed a build process like Webpack for my site to work well, and this site runs on Nuxt which uses Webpack. While I can make a process to auto build and deploy for me, the fact is that the way the site was set up meant I had to work on everything locally anyway, so the build step being manual was not a large step in comparison. Webpack dependencies also continue to inundate my emails with constant security vulnerability reports and a bunch of issues that seriously should not have ever happened. For an example of this, I had to fix my site because simply referencing sound files would not work because Webpack needed a config to allow it. Seriously.

I cannot continue to use a framework that is actively working against my ability to post what I want, and so I started anew, particularly during the recent Twitter acquisition and the site degrading even faster than it already was. What I needed was a blogging platform that was truly easy to use and set up. I needed a server that could let me post everything I could ever want, upload images, sounds, add interactivity, see updates in real time, let me do all of this stuff remotely so I (almost) never have to touch the server, and have it be secure.

I am proud to state that I have rigorously tested the server's functionality and I have ported over every single post (except the first one) from this site to the other server. Also, the feeds actually can render HTML now, so I can have images and special formatting be visible by feed readers. The Cakelandish server is truly an upgrade in every possible manner to nuxt-blog-cake, and it is my first project using Deno (it's like Node, but better). It is my first project and it is one of my personal greatest programming achievements. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how powerful Deno is, and how powerful this server is. The third-party libraries leave a bit to be desired, but fortunately a lot of the functionality that I needed was already in the standard Deno libraries, which are rigorously tested by the developers. There's a bunch of features packed in the web interface, which are all well explained in the GitHub wiki, so I will not go over it here. The point is, it will be my new home and I will be posting there for a very long time.

I will miss a few things about nuxt-blog-cake. I liked the concept of tags and collections and being able to RSS subscribe to specific tags, as each RSS file was auto generated. I liked how posts in a collection are ordered from the oldest post first instead of newest post first. Everything else can be replicated in Cakelandish, however, and I have even copied the style of the site to the posts in Cakelandish. So, if you are reading this, please migrate over to instead and subscribe to the feed for future updates. This is not a goodbye. I am just getting started.