Marker Man Misadventures 3

Alright! Time to branch out here and see where all this goes.

Not much to say here, other than this was a pain to draw all out. I recommend just taking the low path to the coin and then taking the high path on the way back to the exit.

Holy heck this level is big. It is in fact so wide, that I had to increase my canvas size to 1600 from the usual 1200 px. I'm honestly not sure what kind of message the developer is sending by creating a stupidly deep hole with no escape, yet part of the ground is walkable and there's a marker down there. The marker is clearly useless because you're going to be dead, so maybe it's some kind of additional insult to the player for managing to fall down there and live. Then again, the player should definitely die due to fall damage, so maybe it's for players intentionally trying to get down there? I don't know. Someone else can figure it out.

This game really likes two-coin exits that take you backwards in the game. Whatever. You are basically required to use the jump power here, as the game is a very vertical level. Expect lots of waiting around to try and get your jump height high enough to reach another bouncy platform. Because of all of the bouncy platforms, if you manage to land on the corner of one on the way down, you'll start flying sideways hilariously. It will be funny for a moment until you realize you're probably going to die from the fall damage. I hope I never have to see this level again.

It's just been shoe boys and rabbits for all of these levels. They're hardly even different: one bounces and one doesn't. Also, there's so much space between everything here. It is very difficult to map everything out correctly. I see the trend of spending two coins to take you back to level 15 continues here. Not much else to say. The only strange thing is that the spawn is in the middle of the map. Ooooh how rule-breaking.

You know what's funny? I thought shoe boy only did one hit point of damage this whole time. It actually deals two hit points of damage! Funny, isn't it? ……I'm so bored. It seems no matter what, every path will take you to level 20. I'm having high expectations for this level 20. I probably shouldn't, but I do. Hey, let's check out the bonus level!

Can you believe that this level lags? This level lags a LOT. In fact, some of the earlier levels start lagging if you even put down a few shapes. Is the physics in this game really that complicated or just unoptimized? I guess the 10 moving platforms in this level were just too much for the poor system to handle. What's funny is in the top right platform with the two chocolate bullies if you get them moving towards each other, which you can do by touching them from a certain side, then they will collide together and never separate. Now that's true love.

The coin is guarded in some sense because you can drop down to get it but not really come back the way you came, which means going to the left and having to face the bully on the small platform. You'll just have to pro jump over the thing. And OH WHAT DO YOU KNOW, IT TAKES YOU TO LEVEL 20.

Chocolate Bully

Similar to the buff triangle, in that it deals no damage, but just pushes you around.

Oh, uh okay. This level is very short, and very simple, save for the slide of doom on the right side of the map. Other than that, you can't really die unless you try. It's a nice break level, as you get plenty of markers in the room at the bottom for free. I'll take what I can get. It's also pretty difficult sometimes to determine the enemy spawns because the stupid rabbits like the jump off the ledges. I found one of them stuck in the corner of a couple boxes at the bottom of this level. Poor thing.

In case you didn't know, everything interactive has a hitbox, including the markers and the coins, despite being pick ups. This means that you can accidentally slide off the platform the coin is sitting on in this level because the coin is round and will slide the character off. I should probably stop putting those beehives on the map. They really don't do anything. These ones don't even have bees!

I'm also noticing a trend here! Just like with the last world, this world started off with a linear path, diverged into multiple paths, one of which had a bonus level, and then eventually all converged back to linear levels, the last section being easier and giving more markers. I wonder if this pattern will continue in future worlds.

WHAT. The bunnies here do two damage! What is going on here? I swear they did one damage in the previous world. Maybe their damage increased in world 2? Interesting. Also, I wasn't really paying attention to my lives, but I died on this level due to curiosity and had 3 lives when I respawned. Did I gain a life at some point? I thought that was impossible. I have so many questions right now.

As for the double spikes on the far left, you can just barely scrape by them if you place a long line on top of the bottom layer of spikes.

Uhh there's trees.

The second dog level! This one is interesting because it is timed! A giant boulder starts rolling at the top of the screen, and you have to race it to the bottom. Fortunately, you don't even need the super speed power up, as there is enough time to just walk to the exit; just watch out for the spikes. The boulder eventually lands on the yellow platform and gets stuck there if you don't make it in time. But, if you step on the platform, it will disappear and the boulder will hit the blue platform instead (seesaw platform) and push it into the water. You can choose to follow the boulder but it's a one way trip to a water section and you're not going to escape it. I have no idea what the purpose of the other yellow platforms is.

Well what's with the other route? There's a tall section upwards that you cannot really climb and a blue platform that starts at the bottom. Once the boulder lands in the hole, it will push that blue seesaw platform which causes the one in the far left to climb up, so you have to make it all the way to that platform, destroying the yellow platform, before the boulder falls in order to beat the level. And that's world 2!


Big Rolly Boy.

I have a feeling world 3 is going to be relatively exciting. World 2 was pretty boring. Anyways, here's the world map. Notice that you cannot play every level in this one.

Next time… world 3.