Marker Man Misadventures 10

Oh no. It's an ice world. I see ice. It is slippery. Noooooooooooooooooooo

8 measures. 12 seconds. It's soft and serene.

Since light blue was already taken for bouncy blocks I am going to need some other color to represent slippery blocks, as they are significantly different enough from regular platforms to warrant color coding them. So, purple it is! You basically cannot build on these blocks, because if there's any significant height difference between two platforms the shape is just going to slide off. You will need to rely on at least a wall or some regular platform to build successfully on these. As for trying to stay on these slippery platforms, it helps a lot of if you jump and then land on them; for some reason that makes it easier to stop completely.

Golem Snowman

Named so because it is a reskin of the golem, and it throws snowballs instead of rocks. In this world, the snowballs deal 9 damage.

Three figure milestone! I guess that's both a cause for celebration and concern.

Okay, look. There are reskined spiky walls here. They're just colored blue. I'm not making a new introduction for every one of these permutations anymore. Just remember that they look slightly different in each world. Speaking of that section, I actually have no idea how the game expects you to properly go through that area. First of all, you'll probably die trying to jump straight from the platform above the hole into the hole. Secondly, there is no visible ground to land on! You have to jump, and chances are you'll die horribly from the fall damage. The strategy is to build left onto the spikes, then time your jump downwards, hugging the left wall so you only have to keep track of the timing of the left spiky walls. You will land on a platform high enough to not kill you if you keep left.

I can only guess that the ice platforms are there to add variation to the ground, because ice underwater makes no sense for this game. Also, ice floats. Explain that.

Climbing up to the two coin exit is pretty annoying, but there is a bonus level at the top, so I guess that's cool. Also, there are houses drawn in the background. Could this mean we are coming across civilization soon? Will we see other stick figures? Or is it just something else to put in the background to add variation? Probably the last one.

You know, back in my day, we had to work for our free lives! There were tricky jumps, death spikes, and enemies that got in your way. Now these levels just give these lives away to a bunch of freeloaders. Shoe boys? Really? They're literally pushovers. What a shame that laziness is promoted in times like this.

This was a joke, by the way. I don't care.

Trying to wall climb an ice platform is more difficult to do! What a nice, probably unintentional detail. Watch out near the end of the far right of the level, because there are slightly hidden spikes there. There was some map scaling I messed up, but this is because of all the different paths that branch out where I lose my frame of reference between the paths. What an annoying level to map.

If you want to go to the three coin exit for some reason, I recommend going right to the one coin exit for the coin near that, then climbing up and left to collect the other two.

A pretty annoying level to draw, but the level is fairly simple. Just keep going right through that platform cluster in the middle; there's nothing hidden in there.

For getting the coin, make sure to build platforms over the bottom spiky walls, otherwise you will probably die.

You'll have to build on the spikes to get to the icy platforms, but that's the only interesting part here.

I don't even know anymore.

Wow… these are really short levels now. Heck yeah, let's get this world over with!

This level is scary. You almost have no choice but to jump down and pray you don't die. It's pretty unfair. You go to the right hole first, and you'll miraculously land on a bouncy platform. I even did the trick where I lodged a line above those spikes so I could drop down to it, but I still couldn't see the bottom. Placing a shape underneath me and having it come back up confirmed the presence of bouncy platforms.

As for falling down the left hole, you'll want to place a line from the right side of the wall in the drop to some arbitrary distance to the left. Draw the line far enough to the left and it will cover the spiky pit on the left, making it easy to fall down and hold left to land on your line. That's it!

This felt like the shortest world. Some of the level's sizes were so tiny. The ice wasn't as big of an obstacle as I thought it was going to be and I am thankful for that.

See you next time.