Pattern Dictionary

A long time ago I stumbled across a really interesting webpage. It was every word in the dictionary, but not arranged just alphabetically.

They were organized by letter patterns. All the words with the same letter pattern got grouped together

Here's an example: ABA. This letter pattern represents all three-letter words whose first and last letter are the same, and whose second letter is different. Things like mom, bob, etc.

I am unable to find that same page all those years ago, so I decided to recreate it for my own purposes.

View the raw pattern dictionary here

Word list source here

Download the source code used to generate the dictionary here. Requires a list of words as input, named "words.txt"

Fun fact: The last pattern is ABACDEFAGCAHIJBFKEJHIL, matching with just one word, electroencephalography

Fun fact: The pattern with the largest group is ABCDE, with a whopping 2142 words!

Interactive mode

Here, you can put in a word, and you'll get its letter pattern as its output.

Try putting in a name, and then paste the letter pattern into the text field below to see what other words have that same pattern!


Alternatively, use this simple form to quickly locate all words matching a specified pattern.

You must start with the letter A in your pattern, and work your way down the alphabet for every new character you want to add